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Natural makeup - 11/24/2012
"Natural" in the cosmetics world is a big marketing scam. People throw the word "natural" around as if it were magic, and we like the misty idea of something growing in a forest or meadow that somehow ends up on our skin... but when you cut a piece off of a plant, how long before it ROTS? There are certainly chemicals that can be extracted from plants that are stable... and are still CHEMICALS, identical to those created in the lab, except more expensive, but they get to call it natural because it's plant-sourced. And you pay more for something chemically identical to a non-"natural" product and think you're getting more when you're not. People think there are some sort of unspecified benefits to "natural" cosmetics, but when you ask them they can't list any. All the benefits we want, like it should not sink into our lines and pores, or that it should stay fresh-looking on our warm, oily skin for 18 hours, require cutting-edge science t...

Natural makeup

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