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Torani - 12/13/2012
The fine folks at SheSpeaks and Torani sent me 2 FREE bottles of sugar-free Torani syrup to try: Hazelnut: and Pumpkin pie: Both are sweetened with Splenda, a perennial favorite in the Omni household, for the caloric savings and for the excellent taste... and both are delicious!! You can put them in coffee, fancy coffees, tea (my husband uses 'em that way), over ice cream, in smoothies and spritzers... I'm even contemplating trying it the next time I bake a ham!! This is the easiest way to add a sophisticated sweetness and flavor to holiday treats; it'll be making its way into eggnog for sure (I don't don't ever just throw nutmeg on there, I always do better than that), and if we have oatmeal for a family breakfast it'll be a big step up from brown sugar. It's not like an extract where you have to measure a little bit...


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