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Cosmo VoxBox - 12/24/2012
The fine folks at Influenster sent me a Cosmo VoxBox containing the following: Forever Red perfume, from Bath & Body Works: This is a too-sweet, bland, boring, old-fashioned floral of the type even my grandmother would't wear. It goes on weak and fades to zero almost immediately. Ghirardelli Sea Salt Escape milk chocolate bar: They sent a nice big bar, at least, but it's so-so chocolate with very little almond and no detectable hint of salt. Very disappointing. Gillette Venus Embrace razor: This shaves ok, but no better than razors with fewer blades, and the handle has an awkward, clunky feel to it. I prefer a more girly razor that looks nicer and is pink rather than green; this looks like a man's razor, and doesn't feel any better during use. Pilot Pen- FriXion: The pens have a very cool, almost tattooed look. The writing experience is a little disappointing; it's neither smooth nor even, although it's not TERRIBLE. The erase function ...

Cosmo VoxBox

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