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Greatest Hong Kong Films - The world's #1 Hong Kong movie ring, 'Kung Fu Superstars'.  Hong Kong martial arts movies,  Kung Fu films,&nbs

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Greatest Hong Kong Films

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The world's #1 Hong Kong movie ring, 'Kung Fu Superstars'.  Hong Kong martial arts movies,  Kung Fu films,  modern action movies,  film stars,  Asian cinema,  dvd,  video.  Films like Crouching Tiger,  Drunken Master,  etc.  Martial Arts Movie Stars from Asia & the US!  Filmographies,  pictures,  biographies!  Jackie Chan,  Bruce Lee,  Jet Li,  Chow Yun Fat,  Michelle Yeoh,  Mark Dacascos,  Sammo Hung,  Bolo Yeung, Brandon Lee,  Shaw Brothers,  Golden Harvest,  etc.


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   Hwang Jang Lee Preview Go
   Chelsey's Kung Fu Movie Goodeez Preview Go
kung fu stars, shaw brothers, saturn productions, golden harvest, did you know, links, kung fu movie sound files, info, and more
   Bruce Lee Preview Go
acerca de Bruce Lee en español.

   Squirrel Monkey's Martial Arts Preview Go
Martial arts site with extensive HKfilm section that includes News, Reviews, Interviews, Scripts, Video Clips, Story Boards and much more! Updated reguarly!
   Chop Socky City Preview Go
This site is a homage to the Hong Kong Kung Fu movie scene. Its aim is to be an attractive, funny, informative site with some downloads, movies and as much fun stuff as possible.
   Dagon's ASIAN CINEMA DOMAIN!!! Preview Go
Dagon's Reviews of Movies from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Philippines, etc. In depth information on DVD releases. Movie Essays, Movie Snapshots, Filmographies, Links to other Asian Cinema related sites, Best places to shop for Asian Cinema DVD's etc.......& A link to Dagon's ANIME FORTRESS!!! site dedicated to JAPANESE ANIME!...
The Royal Tramps Asian Movie Madness. A review site looking at asian movies. Top Twenty – Film Reviews – animated gifs – Bichunmoo - Fist Of Legend – Samurai Fiction – Shaolin Soccer –Jackie Chan – Jet Lee and much much more. http://www.geocities.c om/teestat/ROYALTRAMP. html
   The Bastard Swordsman Preview Go
How to be a complete bastard and still have time to maintain a website. Check it out - reviews of new and old flix. Chiau Sing Chi will be prominent. If John Woo is God, then Chow Yun Fat is Jesus.
   Robin Shou Preview Go
This is a hyperlink from my page *The Little Dragon Page* dedicated to Robin Shou. Lists Biographical Info, Filmography (HK and American), Links and cool pics.
   Jackie Chan (Wong Fei-hung's) Drunken Master Preview Go
Choose your narrator from Drunken Master 2 and explore the world of Jackie Chan through his identity as Wong Fei-hung.

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