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Science Fiction - The Science-Fiction webring is for fans of science fiction of every kind, books, film, television. Good quality fiction

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Science Fiction

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The Science-Fiction webring is for fans of science fiction of every kind, books, film, television. Good quality fiction and well designed, imaginative fan sites wanted.

Doctor Who, Stargate, Stargate Atlantis, I Robot, are especially welcome. But any good science fiction themed site accepted











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   Rick Sutclife's Science Fiction Preview Go
Alternate History SF by award-winning author Rick Sutcliffe. Plus genre portals and other resources.
   The Kolchak Survival Guide by Whatsits Galore Preview Go
Identify, locate and exterminate the monsters form the classic TV series Kolchak: the Night Stalker. Get them before they get you!
   Lucan: A Fansite Preview Go
Lucan was a diamond in the rough series canceled too soon. A boy is raised by wolves and stolen to civilization at 10 years old. He grows into a gentle and wise young man with uncanny wolf-like abilities. He goes on the run from false accusations and constantly tries to find his parents. Along the way he stumbles into different adventures and helps many people in crisis.

   The Haven: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Romance Preview Go
Your home for the work of Clare Dargin, author of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Romance. Read her books, check out news on her upcoming work and much more.
   Robin K Presents: The Chosen One Preview Go
Stargate SG-1 adult fanfic with Daniel Jackson as the central character. Award winning stories with lots of action, adventure and romance that maintain that special SG-1 team dynamic. Take the Journey! (Cam Mitchell fan fic now available on this site as well.)
   Christina's Cool Tamora Pierce Site Preview Go
I have some reviews of my favorite books, mostly Tamora Pierce, and some other stuff, like poems I wrote. Soon I might have some fanfiction up too...
   SciFi Dream Preview Go
Sci news and pics from Farscape, Lord of the Rings, Star Trekm Star Wars, The Matrix and more
   2001: A Space Odyssey - USS Discovery One Preview Go
Interactive 3D model of the USS Discovery One, the nuclear powered spacecraft used for the Jupiter mission.
   A Tribute To Gene Roddenberry Preview Go
Seven Televisions Series Inspired By Gene Roddenberry, with cast photos and episodes. Eleven Movies Inspired By Star Trek, with full cast and crew. Links to sites about Gene Roddenberry. Enjoy.
   Battlestar Galactica 1978 Preview Go
There are those who believe... that life here... began out there. Far across the universe. With tribes of humans... who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians... or the Toltecs... or the Mayans... that they may have been the architects of the Great Pyramids... or the lost civilizations of Lemuria... or Atlantis... Some believe that

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