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New Age Metaphysical Crystals - A collection of new age metaphysical websites relating to crystals rocks and gemstones. Sites with information on the pr

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New Age Metaphysical Crystals

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A collection of new age metaphysical websites relating to crystals rocks and gemstones. Sites with information on the properties or theraphies associated with them are especially welcome. Enjoy our living Earth

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   Betony Bree Runes Preview Go
Betony Bree offers handmade rune stone sets which include an information packet and a handmade drawstring pouch. Rune stone sets are made with either glass stones, polished river stones or hand collected Lake Superior Stones. Also: Rune charms, rune necklaces and postcards.
   Wicca .... and Parts of My Book of Shadows Preview Go
This site holds spiritual advice when practicing as a solitary wiccan, a small sample spell, working with angels, recieving ones name from the Universal Mother, and links to many other sites on Wicca.
   Sandy Panico, and Diversity Comics&Cartoons. Preview Go
This is both an informational site and art gallery, pertaining to how to become a member of Diversity Comics&Cartoons, plus a gallery of the works of Sandy Panico.

   Hand-crafted Wands by Lillith - Lillith's Grove Preview Go
Lillith offers hand-crafted, custom made magick wands at good prices.Lillith takes great care in the creation and consecration of her magickal wands. Each one is truly unique, crafted in her own studio with much patience and love. The crystals and gemstones used are hand-picked and combined with wood, leather, and other materials, to create an exceptional artifact.
   Wicca World Preview Go
An Occult store for all paths.We also have a coven Lords and Ladies of the lights and mists.We offer a large variety of pagan and occult items and discount prices.Site still Under constuction.
   Mythology of the North Preview Go
Appropriate for Asatru or Wiccan studies. Tables of correspondences for Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Norse Pantheons. Includes Planets, Zodiac. Useful to anthropologists, archaeologists, historians. Comprehensive text on Magick. Tables for gemstones, divinations, magickal implements and procedures, Elder Futhark Runes. Rituals for every purpose.
   The Spiritual Messenger's Preview Go
This web site is for those who are of Wiccan, pagan or of Withcraft backgroung. We will also teach and mentor the younger people of the world along with those new beginners who are just starting out on there journey
   Midnight Muse - Adornment & Aesthetica Preview Go
Midnight Muse features Pre-Raphaelite, Victorian, and visionary art: prints and posters, notecards, journals, postcard books, and more. Our enchanting jewelry collection includes faeries, grapevines, and intricate antique styles -- perfect with gothic, gypsy, medieval or Renaissance attire. We also offer aromatherapy soaps, statuary, books, tarot, music, films, and the Midnight Musings.
   Full Moon Rizing WebRings Preview Go
We are a small, very new store but are working on adding more. We sell beautiful unique jewelry. Rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings of all styles. We also sell Wiccan/Pagan items and tools.
   Tarot Readings by Grandmother Moon Preview Go
The Sisters of the Burning Branch School of Feminine Divine - We share our lessons, affirmations, thoughts, fears, positive messages and/or readings here. Curriculum includes Goddess studies, ritual, meditation, prayer, magick, divination and healing. On-line and face to face gatherings. Walk in Peace, Grandmother Moon

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