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Sivartha d'Mashicha Judeo-Christian WebRing - Judaism and Christianity are not as different as many believe. Join our members as they share tales that reflect a peace

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Sivartha d'Mashicha Judeo-Christian WebRing

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Judaism and Christianity are not as different as many believe. Join our members as they share tales that reflect a peaceful coexistent of the Judeo-Christian cultures. The sites listed below celebrate the immense peace that can be acheived through interfaith studies and practices.


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   Jack's Christian Writer Website Preview Go
Christian writer's website with stories, a blog, links, computer help, bible verse of the day and more
   Anctun - the site of VortexSG6 Preview Go
Christian Science Fiction and more...
   God is Kwan-yin Preview Go
This dharma talk was given by Ryuei in Oct 2000, reflecting on the escalating violence in the Middle East between the Israelis and Palestinians; ultimately comparing God to Kwan-yin, the Regarder of the Cries of the World who appears in Chapter 25 of the Lotus Sutra.

   Seeds Preview Go
A collection of the best Christian inspirational poetry, quotes, and short stories to encourage the weary Christian.
   Dr. Alesha Sivartha's The Book of Life Preview Go
The mind boggling artwork and life philosophy of my Gr-Gr-Grandfather, a Grandfather of the 19th century Theosophical and New Age Movements, in this rare book reprint on the oneness of Body and Mind, the oneness of our Spiritual and Physical Constitutions. It is Biblical Humanism with a Judaic twist, and much much more.
   St. Patrick's Episcopal Church Preview Go
St Patrick's is a small, mutual-ministry church located in rural, northeastern Oregon -- The site contains information about the church, Christian biographies, and links to other religious sites.
   Adventures in Consciousness Preview Go
From Baptist to Buddhist and the Beyond; or, Tales of a Spiritual Deviant: personal recollections of my early years, up to and including a sojourn into schizophrenia, some three decades ago.
   A. Austin Amerine Retreat Center at Clear Lake, CA Preview Go
Our mission is to create a peaceful, nurturing environment conducive to the spiritual and personal development of people and organizations from all spiritual and cultural heritages.
   Jesus in India - The movie & book Preview Go
Was Jesus in India? The New Testament is silent on those years, however in India there is an ancient tradition that young Jesus joined a caravan and took the Silk Road to the East, where He lived with both Hindus and Buddhists before returning to begin His ministry. To what extent are these traditions based on evidence, and why does the Pope of Hinduism now insist that Jesus was in India? Scholars and religious authorities are joined in this film by the Dalai Lama and an Apostolic Nuncio of Pope John Paul II. You will hear all sides, and you will be shocked and surprised by some of the answers offered for the Bible's silence about JESUS IN INDIA.
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