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The Andy Warhol Ring of Postmodern Fine Art - Previously known as the FREE FOR ALL FINE ARTS ring, The Andy Warhol Ring of Postmodern Fine Art is a move towards a gre

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The Andy Warhol Ring of Postmodern Fine Art

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Manager: lilithezine
Previously known as the FREE FOR ALL FINE ARTS ring, The Andy Warhol Ring of Postmodern Fine Art is a move towards a greater emphasis on Postmodernism. Modernism is dead. Jackson Pollock is dead. Clement Greenberg is dead. Abstraction is dead. The Avant-Garde is dead. Its all been done before. Now is the time for reality, realism, content, activism, violence, rock & roll, The Sex Pistols, Punk Art, Gothic Art, war, famine, disease, the mass media, newspapers, tv, celebrities, pop culture, music, Britney Spears on Cocaine, celebrity artists like Kiki Smith, Cindy Sherman, Bertram Brooker & more. Now is the time for artists to pastiche, cut and paste, revoke and rebel against social conditions in order to create a newer and better society. Art History, Artists, Books and Writing, Cultures and Groups, Design Arts, Education, Museums and Galleries, Thematic, Visual Arts, Painting, Photography, pin-ups, Sculpture, WHATEVER. Dance, ballet, modern, irish, scottish, eastern, bellydancing, film, video, Hollywood, Toronto, New York, movies, drama, theatre, acting, actors, actresses, music, mp3s, classical, rock, bands, orchestras, gothic, metal, industrial, folk, indie, independent, EVERYTHING. And remember, postmodernism is about the rejection of abstraction.

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Gothic Goddess Media is exclusively an ARTIST ON ARTIST WEB COMMUNITY. At first I began it as a Web Monthly Magazine, but realized that the format did not work for what I was trying to achieve for this site. Then I made it into a Web Daily, but the content still did not match my goals. I realized that what I really wanted was an Artist on Artist publication, and after much research, finally came upon the solution: An Artist on Artist Community and publication. The site is fun for artists who want to collaborate with Gothic Goddess Media in some way and expand their (and our) exposure or horizons. People who love goth and industrial art, culture, literature & music. Off the beaten path, independent-minded, sophisticated, and above all OLD SCHOOL!
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Moffat's paintings and photography span topics of politics, feminism, activism, anti-censorship, advertising, sexuality, homophobia, pacifism, fetishes, capitalism & the oil industry. Moffat's recent move to South Korea marks him as an international artist with an interest in the brewing politics happening along the DMZ (the de-militiarized zone) between North and South Korea.

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