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The Gothic Webring - Welcome to the Gothic Webring! A place for goths around the world to unite and show off their 'gothiness'. Gothic clothe

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The Gothic Webring

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Manager: lilithezine
Welcome to the Gothic Webring! A place for goths around the world to unite and show off their 'gothiness'. Gothic clothes, fashion, Gothic beauty, pagans, cyberpagans, neo-paganism, Gothic Lolitas, art, poetry, music, indie music, japanese lolita goths, gothic websites, love, demonic dreams, hidden desires, vampires, vampyres, vamps, dracula, buffy, willow, xander, bram stoker, mary shelley, anne rice, succubi, succubus, incubus, Lilith, Lilitu, babylon, aztec, egyptian, inkubus sukkubus, goth bands, medusae, unseelie, tattoos, body art, designs, eccentric, leather, lace, velvet, underground, romantic, retro, vintage, victorian, elizabethian, edwardian, subculture, culture, cultural change, postmodernism, modernism, cybergoth, cyberpunk, neuromancer, brooding, cobwebs, ethereal, existential, beautiful, nightmares, estranged, rants, paranormal, morbid, necro, twisted shadows, witchcraft, occult, paganism, druidism, shamanism, psychic, fantasy, Heavy Metal, magazine, e-zines, photography, art, painting, sculpture, the Neo-Gothic Art Movement, The Matrix, dragons, draco, alternative, weird, societal outcasts, freaky, Toronto, New York, black roses, thorns, spikes, blood, wicca, pagan, and all the other things that freaks out the rest of society. We are Goths, and proud of it.


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   Charles Alexander Moffat Preview Go
Poetry, writing, novels, stories, journalism, art history, paintings and video art by Charles Alexander Moffat + Biography.
   The Lilith Library Archive Preview Go
The Lilith Library Archive is a collection of images of Lilith, Eve, succubi, vampires, succubus-like creatures and mythological/biblical females. The archive has been collected for use by those curious about or interested in Lilith and/or female archetypes.
   Majestic Velvets Preview Go
Majestic Velvets offers Renaissance, Medieval, Pirate GOTH costumes and clothing. We have tunics, womens dresses, poets shirts, peasant dresses, chemises and more. We have complete dresses for under $100.

   Studulike body jewelry Preview Go
Specialising in high quality, British made Surgical steel body Jewelry. Top Hats, Vampire Rings, Closure Rings, Flesh Tubes and more.......
   Mythology of the North Preview Go
Appropriate for Asatru or Wiccan studies. Tables of correspondences for Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Norse Pantheons. Includes Planets, Zodiac. Useful to anthropologists, archaeologists, historians. Comprehensive text on Magick. Tables for gemstones, divinations, magickal implements and procedures, Elder Futhark Runes. Rituals for every purpose.
   AngelKid Uncensored Preview Go
Blog / Journal.
   Inimical Chimera Preview Go
Website for Gothic Music Movies Video,s and Art. Presented by Transylvanian Lady
   Dracula: the Musical Preview Go
A page about the brand new Broadway musical adaptation of Bram Stoker's DRACULA, with production information, complete synopsis, mini-gallery, original cast list and related merchandise.
   U Goff! - Well Duh! Preview Go
World wide alternative club listings, MP3's, FREE e-mail service, much much more: All you need in the fickle world of "Alternative"!
   International Gothic Metal Preview Go
Site discusses the underlying spirituality of Gothic metal. Apporopriate for people who like Gorgoroth, Rammstein, Immortal, Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir, Kamelot, Deathstars, Godsmack, Manowar, Hammerfall, Blutengel, Nox Arcana, Epica, Therion. Links to a page with 10 short petitions for a better world.

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