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Metaphysical Merchants - Ring for Pagan, Wiccan, Occult, Gothic, Spiritual & Metaphysical Related Businesses & Online Shops. Looking for

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Metaphysical Merchants

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Manager: zohralaproductions
Ring for Pagan, Wiccan, Occult, Gothic, Spiritual & Metaphysical Related Businesses & Online Shops. Looking for a Business, online Shop or a Shop near you? Then pay us a visit. Dedicated to helping connect people with the Shops/Business they seek.


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Past Life Regression - Programme to Unlock Past Lives
Uncover your Past Lives, break free from past life chains & investigate reincarnation with this fascinating Past Life Regression programme you can use in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
Earthcraftyr - Handcrafted Gifts From Nature's Bounty Sterling Renaissance Festival's Herbalist/Apothecary. Handcrafted Beeswax Candles,Ancient Ways Wheat Weaving & Cornhusk Dolls,Herbs & Ritual Incense Blends,Divining Wands,Fetishes, Natural Soaps,Herbal/Natural Bath Salts, Perfumes, Potions,Oils,& Balms & so much more
The Music of Robin Barber
The music of Robin Barber is inspirational and passionate. Drawing everchanging, color filled images from our minds, it endeavors to connect our souls and spirits to the spirit of our Motherworld, there to receive knowledge, wisdom and spiritual enlightenment.
Holistic Flower Essences
A site offering a holistic, non invasive approach to well-being by a practising Buddhist attempting to earn a living by Right Livelihood
Angel Vibration Color Candle Burning
This is the place to buy Samantha Stevens (author of The Seven Rays: A Guide To the Archangels) healing color burning calendar that accesses the energies of the angels, ascended masters and the divine imagination. It is also a gratitude journal, dream journal and a place to write to God. It reminds you to write your positive affirmations and bless ten people every day.

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Metaphysical Merchants

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